We will be documenting our conversion from inboard diesel to an electric

Come back soon for more information and our documentation of the conversion
When I met with Mike last week from Electric Yacht SoCal, and he took me out on his 36 foot electric sailboat, I was sold.  I will be documenting the entire process here.  Check back soon for updates.  If you want more information, go to the link on the right - Electric Yacht Southern California.  We also want to thank Powerstride Battery of San Diego for their excellent service and delivery of our batteries -  we installed eight 12 volt AGM group 31 batteries. 

Playing below: The conversion from diesel to Electric

On our Cal-29 'Truth'


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If your are looking to convert to a true hybrid electric/sail experience - you've found it!

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This is the wave of the future...
Gas and diesel continue to rise in price.  With current events in the Middle East, now is the time to go electric!
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